Help! Teens and Driving!

Oh-My-Gawd! Those of you who have lived this already, how did you do it? Today my 14 year old daughter came home and asked me if she could hang out with one of her guy friends. He recently turned 16 and just got his drivers license! She said he is on a driving kick {as I remember getting my license, I know he just wants to drive and drive and drive}. After hearing the words, my anxiety level increased. Yes, we knew it was coming, but I am SO not prepared for this stage of their lives where I have to “let her loose” on the dangerous streets with teens and adults driving like they have to be somewhere yesterday! Her plans ended up changing so I escaped this situation for now…but there will come another time where the question is asked… which translates to “can I get into a car with a new 16 year old driver as a passenger”….I’m scared!

How did you make it through this stage of their lives…the driving stage? Does the fear ever get less? Is this the point in her life where the constant worry resides within me? I trust her completely…it’s the others on the road that I don’t trust!