Here we go…on to the Semi-Finals

It is Mothers Day and this is what I wake up to…

Isn’t he cute?????  Ok, so on to baseball! 🙂  We have a 3pm game so for Mothers Day we sort of sleep in, run to Denny’s for breakfast, and pack up our things.  We leave the hotel, which was extremely nice (the Courtyard by Marriott Waukegan/Gurnee … I’ll give you some props and some free advertising).  The staff was very pleasant and helpful and we only had to be hushed once while out in the courtyard chit chatting late night.  I loved the heaters and the comfy outside furniture.

We get to the field and we are ready to start playing.  Our first game was against the Wisconsin Wilmot.  We arrived at the field a bit early to see the Lake County Lightening win their game.  So, the winner of our game at 3, would play them.  We wanted to play them….BAD.

I took pictures of the game but they are still on my camera and I just wanted to get this post out there!  While we were getting ready to play the semi-final games, two of the “yellow” team kids were sitting on our side and said something to the effect that the Diamond Kings sucked…OH no you ditttttant just say we sucked.  Let it be known that we did win the semi-final game, 20-3.  The boys were on fire….they were out for blood (that sounds so bad, but it was true…I think we all wanted to win…bad).

AND NOW…WE ARE ON TO THE FINALS!!!!!!  It’s us against…”them”, the “yellow” team.
But first…a little pregame pump up…

The game starts and it was pretty neck and neck the first couple innings.  We’d score, they’d score to tie, we’d score, they’d tie…until we fully hit our stride…then it was as if the skies parted and we just took off!  The boys played so hard.   (you can’t tell by this photo cause it’s really ugly (what on earth was he reaching for)…but…hey, they can’t all look pretty)

During one of the inning switches I heard the little “yellow” team cheerleaders, cheering (and I don’t know the whole song, but it was to the effect of the Diamond Kings smell like butt… Oh, I’ll give you a {butt} alright….

After a little personal struggle during game 3, Scott came out of his funk and all the boys pulled together.  As parents, we couldn’t have been more proud.  They fought and they…fought…and {BUTT} we won!  See for yourself…. (just ignore my loud mouth..I just wanted to line up and get out of there lol).

We won 12-5 –it was a bittersweet win!

This trophy is now proudly displayed on my dresser in my own bedroom!

SO THERE….. {not sure who the artist was but you get props too}

I’m just sayin…..