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    Hide Out With Netflix!

    Do you ever hide out with Netflix?  Do you ever feel like you never have time for yourself just to kick back and relax while watching Netflix with your favorite drink in hand?  I’m feeling ya!

    Hide Out With Netflix

    There are certain shows that I have to make sure I am alone while watching (because it isn’t appropriate for little eyes), shows like OITNB or Weeds or Breaking Bad…you know the ones I mean!

    Hide Out With Netflix - OITNB

    I am not going to lie and say I just wait until kids are all in bed and then I pop on the tv and start streaming, cause I don’t.  I will usually pop in my headphones into my phone and start streaming where ever I am because I am too impatient to wait any longer than I have to.  I will hide out with Netflix in the bathroom (shush… like you’ve never done it in the bathroom before!), or I’ll sit in my car in the garage (the car isn’t running so I’m safe) with my iPad and enjoy a few minutes by myself.  I have even had my headphones on while in bed, in the dark, with my husband sleeping next to me.  However I can get caught up (meaning binge watch) my favorite shows (like Bloodline), I’ll try it.
    Hide Out With Netflix - Bloodline

    And, get this…Netflix released two new innovations to help you make the most of your streaming.  If you are experiencing trouble streaming your favorite show check out – it’s a no-frills tool that tests your internet connection speed so you can view your download speeds.  You can also now control how much data you use when streaming on cellular networks (yes!).  To set your data usage, make sure you have the latest version of the Netflix app and visit the “App Settings” menu.

    There is no shame in hiding out with Netflix.  It can actually be very therapeutic!  When mom is happy, everyone is happy! 🙂  So, it is my advice to you to take advantage of any quiet time to hide out with Netflix!

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