Holiday Decor, My 10 Favorites!

Holiday Decor – It’s my FAVORITE!

Christmas is MY holiday. I love it. It’s my most favorite holiday in the world. I usually have my decorations up before Thanksgiving so my guests can enjoy the twinkling lights. With this post I wanted to share a few {10 actually} of my favorite holiday decorations that are in my house.


Isn’t he the cutest snowman ever?  I received this from my best friend way back when we used to get each other gifts…you know, before kids!  I love him and he’s always sitting to the left of my fireplace.


Holiday Lighted Snowman Decoration


This is the wreath I made just by sticking some things in it and tying a bow around it.  Pretty fancy right?  But with that said, I think it was one of the first wreaths I tried to make, so I’m happy with it.  It’s just a reminder that sometimes things can be simple to be pretty.


Handmade Christmas Wreath


Here’s my adorable little crafty looking snowman.  I don’t even know where I got him from, but I love the country-ish look and feel he gives me.  He looks so snuggly, doesn’t he?


Country Charm Snowman


I’ve had these snowmen for a super long time, probably since I’ve been married.  I bought them at a craft show and I just remember falling in love with their simpleness.  Then we have our indoor snowball fight bucket and two snowballs.  It came with 6 and every time the doorbell rings, Dakota, our golden retriever, will retrieve one for us and run around the house with it in his mouth and then we have to go and try and find them all.  This happens daily!  Of course, there is our snowman beanie baby!  Are you noticing a theme?


Indoor Snowball Fight


This is a Christmas ornament that my mom gave me and it’s got to be at least 20 years old now.  She is my favorite ornament that I have on my tree and every year I pray that it is still in one piece when I unpack it.  It is glass and it’s very delicate.  I cringe when my kids touch it!


Angel Christmas Ornament


Here is my big tree.  It’s in my living room and it’s about 8′ tall I think, maybe even 8.5′, I don’t really remember, all I know is it’s big, bigger than me!  I have a ton of ornaments that I have collected over the years, from when I was a child, my own children’s ornaments, and some I’ve received as gifts.  I love my big tree and all the ornaments.  Usually it will be decorated with ribbons and bows and lots of lights but this year I wanted simple so I nixed the ribbons and bows and half the lights didn’t work so I just made do with what I had on hand.  It’s so pretty, isn’t it?

My Christmas Tree


Now lets move on to my kitchen.  I have a window ledge by my sink and I am HIGHLY OBSESSED with these solar moving guys.  I have one for every season and almost every holiday!  I have a turkey for Thanksgiving, a flower for the summer, a penguin and reindeer for winter/Christmas.  These guys are so adorable and you can get them usually at stores like 5 Below or the dollar store even.  I stock up on them because I love them so much!  Then I have my santa back there usually with no picture in it.  The pink thing is a glass elephant.  My mom gave that to me because it was supposed to bring us something, something like money or travel, I forget, so he’s there.  And, what kitchen window sill would be complete without their Sandy from Texas?


Solar Animal Decorations


Ahh the snowman pill case holder! LOL  He’s actually a cookie container thing but I don’t store anything in it.  I just think he’s cute, and I did need a place to store my vitamins! Now I’m reminded every day to take them!


Snowman Pill Holder



My old neighbor made this for me for Christmas one year and I LOVE it!  I’m reminded of her every time I see it!


Cupcake tin holiday decor


And lastly, my small tree.  It’s about 5′ tall and it’s supposed to be a pre-lit tree but half the lights went out this year so I just added some colored lights that I had left over.  Could use a few more strands though, don’t you think?  I love Christmas trees, just love them!!


Pre-Lit Christmas Tree


So tell me, do you have a favorite Christmas decoration?  If you have one, post a photo of it on Instagram and tag me in it so I can see!  You can tag me using @VerifiedMom


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