Holiday Gift Feature: Doctor Drill ‘N Fill


If you don’t have this Play-Doh set yet you’ll be hearing about it this Holiday. This set is sure to be on many lists this year.  The Doctor Drill ‘N Fill set includes an electric drill ( 2 “AA” batteries needed), tweezers, dentist tool, braces roller, tooth brush presser, 3 cans of Play Doh, and of the base.  The kids love to make braces with sparkly gray play-doh. I  myself love Play-Doh so it would be no surprise my children would share the same infinity.  This set has been played with over and over again and my favorite part of the toy… the growing tongue!

The kids had no idea how to make the tongue, but I had no problem figuring it out and making the tongue over and over again.  The drill is also something the kiddos enjoyed, hopefully they’ll remember how fun this set is next dentist visit.

  • This gift would be perfect for children 3 years and up.
  • Perfectly priced under $20 at various retailers.
  • Great for hours of creativity
  • This can get a tad messy
  • If you have multiple children one can make teeth while another makes braces.