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    Holiday Gift Feature: Rockboard Scooter

    At Tots To Teens Magazine we will be featuring one company or product (daily from now until Christmas) that we feel would be excellent Christmas gifts for your children OR yourself! This would definitely be one of them! The Rockboard Scooter is going to make a great gift for any child (or adult). This scooter isn’t just your ordinary scooter, it is a 2-in-1 scooter that will get your child up and moving! Gone away is sitting in front of the tv when you have a Rockboard scooter!  When we say this scooter is a lot of fun, we mean, it’s a lot of fun!

    With your Rockboard Scooter, you can “Rock it“, “Kick it“, and “Fold it“…now, lets explain:

    Rock it” allows you to ride up to 10 miles per hour without your feet touching the ground.  With their revolutionary technology, using your legs while on the scooter, you can ‘rock’ back and forth to get the scooter to go, the more you rock, the more you go!

    Kick it” is your traditional kick style scooter.  With a few minor adjustments, you can switch your scooter from the ‘rock it’ style to the ‘kick it’ style and kick your way down the street!

    Fold it” allows you to easily fold and carry your scooter where ever you go.

    Take a look at this video by Rockboard Scooter to see how this amazing scooter works.

    The Rockboard Scooter is available in two sizes, the Original, which is great for kids (and adults) 8 years and up with a maximum weight limit of 200 pounds, and their Mini, which is perfect for kids 5 and up with a maximum weight limit of 90 pounds. It is made with your child’s safety in mind, it is the company’s #1 priority! They pride themselves in staying current with all of the latest guidelines, requirements and standards for designing and manufacturing children’s toys and all products meet or exceed Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines as well as ASTM Standard Consumer Toy Safety Specifications.

    The Original Rockboard Scooter retails for $199 while the Mini retails for $179 can be easily purchased online at either or

    The Rockboard Scooter combines fun and exercise which puts it in as one of our top picks for the 2011 Holiday!

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