#MerryBlogmas – My Holiday Bucket List

Bucket lists… I am so not good at keeping a bucket list, but this time, this holiday, I am going to give it the good old college try…even though I only went to a community college, I am still going to give it a shot!  I am the worlds greatest procrastinator and that is a fact.  Just ask anyone who knows me; the real me.  However, I am learning that the older I get, I do need to write things down simply because I {dare I say it outloud}, I forget.  So here and now, I am preparing my holiday bucket list.  The things I would like to do by myself and with my kids.  Lets just see how many I can actually cross off by the end of the holiday season!!!


Holiday Bucket List


1.  Go to Barnes & Noble and just sit in their Starbucks area with a cup of hot chocolate and people watch.

2.  Blast holiday music and sing real loud for all to hear {you may be happy that it’s winter and all our windows are rolled up}.

3.  Go downtown to see the big tree with the kids and window shop

4.  Go ice skating {HAHA that will be hysterical}

5.  Donate a toy or two to a needy family

6.  Make some holiday gifts with the kids using only items from our home

7.  Watch Elf {again} with the whole family present this time

8.  Decorate cookies with the kids

9.  Get silly holiday props and take fun holiday photos

10.  Host an ugly sweater party – you can’t buy one, you have to MAKE IT!!

11.  Go find a cool place to look at lights in pj’s

12.  Take the kids sledding

13.  Build a HUGE snowman – if we have snow?

14.  Make a gingerbread house

15.  Have a snowball fight!!  And if there is no snow…then an indoor one!

16.  Sit in my living room and just stare at the lights on my Christmas tree and be thankful for all that I have

17.  Make smores using the fireplace

18.  Lay on the floor with the kids watching the glow from the fireplace & making up a holiday story

19.  Color our own Christmas cards and send them to friends and family

20.  Initiate random acts of kindness


I hope that this list sparked a little holiday spirit.  What would you put on your holiday bucket list?
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  1. oh my gosh, i used to people watch at barnes and noble ALL the time. It is definitely as entertaining as people watching at the airport!!

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