Unfortunately, since the start of the economic downturn the Family
Violence Prevention Fund (FVPF) has seen a significant increase in the
demand for domestic violence services such as shelters, hot lines and
counseling. Experts say that now more than ever it is important for
parents to learn the tips to prevent relationship and family violence.
Thus, the RESPECT! Campaign www.giverespect.org , a non-profit
to end relationship violence and build strong, healthy families and

The campaign also honors role model dads and shares the endearing and
memorable ways our fathers teach us love and respect every day. This
Father’s Day, the RESPECT! Campaign www.giverespect.org is
offering several simple ways to thank the dads you know for the great
example they set and ways to Give Respect!

1. Blog about how your dad taught you respect or how you teach
respect to your kids and sparking conversations with your readers about
healthy relationships and setting the right example

2. Learn 10 tips every parent should know to teach children about
healthy relationships. http://www.giverespect.org/respect/families/

3. Give RESPECT! by sending a free Father’s Day e-card; for every
card sent, GBGB Geoffrey Beene Gives Back will make a donation in your
recipients’ name. http://giverespect.org/e-card.html

4. Pass on RESPECT! by joining us on Twitter
www.twitter.com/give_respect , joining the RESPECT! Campaign
group on Facebook http://apps.facebook.com/causes/90680/57903601?m=695af213 and/or adding an “I’m for RESPECT!” graphic http://www.giverespect.org/respect/you/ on your blog

5. Tweet This!

6. Purchase and wear the RESPECT! wrist band, available exclusively
at Macy’s
for $5. Half of all proceeds go directly to the

7. Make a donation to the FVPF in honor of a dad you respect.