How are you packing?

When packing your child’s lunch this school year are you considering your carbon footprint?

I hope you answered yes, and if you didn’t here are some options to keep lunch eco-friendly

No more throwing away brown bags.

Nerd Mickey and Minnie Mouse Lunch Bag

Currently on sale for $5.99 at Disney

Think of all the baggies that end up in the trash throughout schools everywhere.

These reusable baggies are stylish and functional.

$11 for a set of 2 at Brookiellen

No need to pack juice boxes or pouches

Hello Kitty FUNtainer Beverage Bottle - Thermos - Toys"R"Us

Hello Kitty FUNtainer Beverage Bottle 14.99

Keep Food Hot or Cold in a no waste container

Cars 2 FUNtainer Food Jar

As much as we love hand wipes they accumulate day after day.
$00.50  Pocketbac Holder at Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works also has a cute Lunch Box line of Anti- Bacterial GelMarshmallow Treat Pocketbac® Sanitizing Hand Gel - Anti-Bacterial - Bath & Body Works

…Once you are done you can refill your gel…

Do you have any eco-friendly lunch tips?

Happy Lunching.