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    How Do You Find Time For Yourself?


    I keep hearing that I need to make time for myself (so that I can work on my weight loss and emotional goals) but I don’t know where to start without someone pulling at me. Then there’s the guilt. I know the time is there but I haven’t dedicated any time for myself in 17 years so I’m not exactly sure how to do that.

    My husband is very selfish that way in that when he needs to do something that is for him, he just does it, no questions asked. Meanwhile I know that I need to take time to exercise and with him being home all day-everyday, I can’t get myself to work out in front of him. He’s very critical and we’ve taken in a houseguest so now I have literally no “alone” time and with my husband laid off, I can’t afford to go to a gym.

    Then there’s the guilt-again. I know in my head I have to get over that because if I don’t start taking care of myself, no one else will. My kids are all older (10+ & up) so I know in my mind that they’ll be fine. What am I holding on to that killing this for me? I mean, I have the power and control to make the changes but why aren’t I? Do I need a motivational mentor or something?

    So tell me, how did you let go of the guilt and start taking better care of yourself? I need to start doing this ASAP so what do you use as a motivational tool?


    1. If you get any good answers to this one, let me know! I feel like I never have time for myself!! Sometimes I go workout on weekend mornings, and like you said, I feel guilty about it!! After working long hours all week, i should be spending time with the kids… etc. ugh. mom guilt!

    2. That’s so funny…well not really. Reading this made me realize that my hubbs does the same thing! “When he needs to do something that is just for him, he just does it, no questions asked.” I don’t think its purposely meant to be selfish, maybe we feel it is because we have so much other crap on our plates, we feel we have no time to do that? I tried playing on a women’s soccer league. incredibly fun, but so much work to coordinate the times and making dinner etc. I also started taking dance classes but the same thing kept happening, and even on the weekends I felt guilty because instead of dancing, shouldn’t I be spending time with my kids…It never ends. Now I meet up once a month with girlfriends for a cocktail or coffee. Other than that, it has to be spur of the moment because my schedule is constantly changing. We are just too awesome.

    3. Go for walks. One hour a day. That’s how I started. I get up before the kids go to school and walk a 1/2 hour. After dinner I walk another 1/2 hour. Or sometimes I just walk an hour on the weekends. Listen to music or just leave it all at home. One hour a day for you because you matter b

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