How scared of Bullying are you?

We are all aware that bullying is wrong–but yet it still lives.  Some of us may have been a bully or may have been bullied– we know how it feels.  But has bullying got worse?  Take in mind we were lucky enough to not have “CYBER BULLYING” thank goodness for that.  However, some children must endure this taunting viral.  I recently heard of a teacher taking a picture of one of her student’s hair and posting on her Facebook– making fun of the child’s hair!  So, when I heard this story of a mother’s desperate attempt to prevent bullying I just had to share.

Cami Roselles says she did not want her daughter to be taunted anymore for her ears.  That is why she elected to have her SIX year old daughter Samantha have cosmetic surgery–>Otoplasty- 2 hour surgery to pin back the ears. Shockingly the number for cosmetic surgery for children has increased.  Most of the time cosmetic surgery is done to prevent bullying.  Would you do the same if your child were bullied?