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    How to create a unique DIY umbrella stand!

    Create your own DIY Umbrella Stand in 5 simple steps!

    DIY Umbrella Stand

    Updated Post: Simple DIY Umbrella Stand

    For a couple years now we haven’t had a patio table, but we also do not have any shade, what so ever, in my backyard.  There are no trees to shade us, no pergola, no gazebo, nothing!  I didn’t want to get rid of my patio table umbrella because we desperately need shade when we sit out there.  My husband and I decided to improvise and create a DIY umbrella stand using one of his old paint buckets that he used for work and some old pvc that we just had laying around to create a make shaft umbrella stand.  Needless to say, the orange bucket did sort of blend in with our patio furniture, but it was so bright and bold, but so unattractive.  It didn’t bother me too much until this year.  I was tired of looking at the orange bucket so I found a way to cover it up!  I am SO happy with how it turned out.  It is so pretty and makes me want to just sit on the patio more, and I’m not really an outdoorsy person, so that right there says a lot!


    Here is what you’ll need {contains affiliate links}:


    Step 1} Get yourself a 5 gallon bucket! 


    umbrella stand step 1


     Step 2}   Set up your bucket – you may need an extra set of hands to hold the pvc in place.  Insert your pvc in the middle of your bucket and fill around with quick set concrete.  My husband filled it almost to the top of the bucket {maybe left a couple inches below the lip of the bucket}.  I assume he was being overly cautious and I don’t think you need to really fill it as high as he did, so add as much as you feel comfortable with.  Here is the midwest and being in the “windy city” suburban area, we go get very windy days and the umbrella would most likely tip over if we didn’t put enough in.


    umbrella stand step 3


    Step 3}  Get your bigger flower pot ready.   I found mine at Home Depot for $14.99.  It’s plastic and I am hoping that it will last a few seasons before it needs to be replaced.


    umbrella stand step 3


    Step 4}  I’m sure you could just place your 5 gallon bucket into the flower pot before you fill it with concrete, but we already had our “base” created so we had to just lift it into the flower pot which was very heavy!  Good thing my son was home when I did this so he helped me and the two of us managed to get it inside the flower pot without the loss of any toes or feet!


    umbrella stand step 4


    Step 5}  Get your potting soil and favorite flowers!  It’s time to fill the flower pot with your potting soil.  Once you have it filled to the desired height, start adding your flowers.  This is the fun part! 🙂


    umbrella stand step 5


    Step 6}  Now it’s time to just sit back and admire your work.  I am so happy with how it turned out I can’t even tell you!  I would like to paint the pvc no a tan color to match my umbrella poll, but other than that, I have been in awe of my own work! 🙂  I’ve covered that ugly eye sore!


    umbrella stand step 6


    What do you think?  Share one of your summer DIY projects in the comments below!  I love being inspired by others and I hope that this has inspired you to hide your eye sores! 😉  Please feel free to share your pictures of the DIY Umbrella Stand you create!



      • Wife and I luv it. I have all supplies exvept PVC! Money saver nice decor and creative fun! Just starting our new backyard.Luis Cyra

      • Thanks! It was a lot of fun & super easy! I don’t have a million hours to spend on projects so I tend to find the quick and easy ones. I enjoyed myself and have been wanting to get more pots to do other things with around the yard! 🙂 Good luck if you decide to do one!

    1. does the custom umbrella stand secure to the umbrella pole or does the pole just sit inside the PVC pipe?

    2. Was it by accident or design that your PVC pipe had a fitting of some sort on the top? I noticed there is nothing in your directions that mentions anything other than the piece of pipe itself? Just curious if this was a fitting already on your pipe or if this served a purpose in securing your umbrella once it was placed in the stand.

    3. This is a great project! We definitely were not going to spend money on an expensive stand. Our question is, did you just fill the bucket with dry concrete or did you mix it and let it set? I’m thinking you mixed it and let it set because you can always take the bucket out in the event of changing your flower pot and dirt in the future

    4. How do you keep the umbrella from turning after it’s in the PVC pipe. My umbrella is 15′ x 8′ and I wouldn’t want a slight wind to turn it . Love the idea, just want to make sure it stays put.

      • Working on this project and also live in the windy Midwest. When I am done, I will drill a hole straight through the PVC pipe and the umbrella stand and secure with a bolt so it doesn’t spin. Make sure to close the umbrella when you aren’t using it or you will have an airborne missile in a windstorm!

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