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    How to Organize the Unorganized Person

    I am the most unorganized person you’ll want to meet. Sure, on the outside I might look like I’ve got it all together. I might look like I can organize my life but I’m pulling a fast one over on you. I can’t get organized to save my life. So I am going to share one thing your loved ones could do to help you get organized and stay organized!

    How to Organize the Unorganized Person

    I noticed something a long time ago and while I keep trying to recreate that moment, I just can’t. The secret to organizing the unorganized person is to have someone else do the initial work. What exactly does that look like and how is it helpful? I’ll tell you about my story…

    My unorganized history…

    Back in 2001, I had just found out I was pregnant with my son but I also got word that I was going to have a little “home makeover” provided by the Oprah Show. Yes, THE Oprah. I had sent in a video showing my basement, my hall/pantry closet and prayed for them to give me a nice basement remodel. They didn’t. Instead, I had gotten a tiny linen closet makeover and felt let down, but I was going to be on the Oprah Show so I didn’t mind too much.

    The day arrived and I welcomed their master organizer and time management author/coach into my home. She along with the Oprah production crew came out to video, take pics and try to get me to live my best life with a clean closet and time to spare. After 14 hours of them being there, I became tired. I was pregnant and wished they would leave.

    It was an interesting process. They took everything out of the linen closet and from under my tiny bathroom sink and sorted it. I heard label making sounds and I couldn’t wait to see what they would do to my closet to make things so much easier for me.

    Organize the big reveal…

    Upon the big reveal, I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw. They got new containers and separated/labeled them all. Even the container for toilet paper! Everything had a spot and I loved it. It was really nice to open the closet and know where the kid’s medicine was. Additionally, it was nice to know that the products that needed to be out of reach from my young daughter were just that, out of reach.

    What happened after they left? I kept it up! I learned that I can keep things organized. What I also learned was that I cannot organize things. I just don’t have that part of organizing figured out. I can maintain it, I just can’t get it there to start with. We ended up moving within the next year but when I listed my house, as a selling point, we did mention that it was organized and seen on the Oprah Show! LOL And, as it turns out when we moved into our new house, I set up my linen closet the same way and guess what? It might just be the only thing that has continued to be organized in my house.

    Take away – HIRE SOMEONE ELSE to organize your shit!

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