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    I am taking a writing class to spark my creative brain.

    Spark Your Creativity: Take a Writing Class

    I have always loved writing. It started when I wrote my first hit-song titled “I Hate My Mother” back in the late 70’s early 80’s. And by first, I mean only. And by hit, I mean, only in my mind. Then, when I was a bit older (17 to be exact), I started working in the medical field, and eventually, I was writing appeal letters to insurance companies in the event they refused payment. I was pretty good at it. Then I would start writing letters to companies, both for praises and to let them know of instances that happened that weren’t so “customer-friendly”. In today’s world, I am pretty sure I’d be called a “Karen”.

    When I saw an ad online for a writing class I thought why not? Why not challenge myself during a time when I had nothing BUT time. I wanted to get back to blogging and somehow I lost my spark for writing. This could be the opportunity that I was looking for. The opportunity to spark some creativity back into my life, and my passion for writing. So I signed up thinking why the hell not?

    My first writing assignment was to write something using a prompt. The prompt is the first sentence. I had to create a story around this sentence. I think I did a pretty good job. What do you think?

    Introducing; The first of many creative writing projects!

    She approached the unfamiliar door and nervously took the key from her pocket.  She took a deep breath, unlocked the door, paused, then opened it.  To her horror she saw a room full of all her childhood belongings; some she loved, others she hated.  She had thrown them out for a reason and she didn’t want to see those dreadful items again in adulthood.   Who put them there and what was the purpose?

    Leena made it halfway into the room before she heard a male voice.  Her hands started to sweat and she started to panic.  The man had a soft yet raspy voice.  The closer to the voice she got, the more it was starting to sound very familiar to her.  She had to walk past her grandmother’s couch to get to the kitchen when she was instantly reminded of the warmth and love that she felt when she would visit her grandma.  Leena recalled how her grandmother would sit on the couch with her and together they would watch a baseball game or her favorite soap opera.

    She turned the corner and saw a dark-haired man with a broad and muscular build facing away from her.  She carefully, with a cracked voice, mumbled, “Hello?”.  He turned towards her and the first thing she noticed was his stunningly, yet intimate green eyes. Then it hit her. This wasn’t just any male.  This was her childhood neighbor, Nate.  Nate was also her first crush. Her first real boyfriend.

    What on earth was Nate doing in this house with all these items that brought back so many mixed feelings for her?

    Does it leave you hanging and wanting to know more? It was my first attempt at creative writing and I did it at like 2 a.m. so I am really curious to know your feedback!

    Have you taken a creative writing class, or any other class that sparks your creativity?

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