I want to “huggy” the IceHuggy!

You know, now that summer is coming, that means parents are stocking up on their child’s favorite summer treat…the “freeze pop”, am I right?  We have found the best freeze pop accessory…or I should say, freeze pop essential, out there.  It’s this nifty little thing called the “IceHuggy™“.  The IceHuggy allows you to easily slip your freeze pop right into the sleeve and fasten.  You can also adjust the size of your IceHuggy by just flipping the top part over to fold it, then fasten it.  It’s a one, two, three step process and it will keep your little one’s fingers from becoming freezing fingers, which allows them to enjoy the treat and not complain that their fingers are cold.   The stretchy material allows you to fit any size freeze pop in it.  We tested it with a few different sized items and it held its shape, and was just as easy to use with the bigger ones as it was to use with the smaller sized ones.  Freeze pops aren’t the only treat that you can use in your IceHuggy, you can use frozen yogurt sticks, electrolyte pops, and sore throat pops to name a few.   Oh, oh, oh, get this, the best part….you can just toss them into your washing machine because they are MACHINE washable!!!  So after they drip, get sticky (you know the kinds of messes kids can make) then just wash and reuse…PERFECTION!  They are CPSIA tested and approved (bonus)!  Another added bonus for us here at Tots To Teens Magazine is that the product was invented by a mom of 6 and you know how we feel about mom-entrepreneurs!  (high-fives all around from the mom and a big thumbs up from my little model, Gianna as seen in the photo)

They are sold in a package of two for $6.99, which IMO will be one of the best summer product investments you could make!  Check them out at icehuggy.com