If You Were Mine – Billie Holiday (COVER) by LYSS

If you were mine.  Well, technically, she is mine.  My oldest daughter, Lyss, has a natural gift.  She has many actually, however, this particular gift is one that I wish I could say she got from me, but if you really knew me, you’d know I couldn’t carry a tune to seriously, save my life.  She is an amazing singer and one day I just happen to be stalking her Twitter account (yes, I stalk my daughter – and I don’t call it stalking, I call it parenting) and I saw this video and couldn’t believe my eyes…and my ears!  There she was.  My little girl who seemed to have grown up in the blink of an eye, singing the most beautiful version of Billie Holiday’s “If you were mine”.  Just hear and see for yourself!  You’ll see what I mean!  It’s just breathtakingly beautiful! <3


Well, what do you think? Beautiful in so many ways, right?  I’d really like for her to make more videos!  And this photo, man, it would make a great album cover!  Don’t you agree?

Lyss sings Billie Holiday's If You Were Mine

She is an “old soul” as they say and her voice has an iconic style.  It’s so unique!  She also has an account on Soundcloud and you can also purchase a song she collaborated with Closure right here on iTunes (affiliate link) Hopes Up (feat. Alyssa Pometta) – Closure

If you’d like to hear her cover a certain song, let us know!  What songs do you think suit her style best?