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    I’m a confessed Netflix cheater! #Streamteam

    Are you a Netflix cheater?  Do you say you will wait to watch a specific show on Netflix with your partner or child?  Do you start the series together and make a pact that you won’t watch it without each other.  You know that temptation is always there, right?  Then suddenly, before you know it, you’ve uncontrollably binged the entire series without waiting?  That makes you a Netflix cheater!  After taking a look at these statistics, would you say you too are a Netflix cheater?

    Are you a Netflix Cheater?


    Netflix Cheater


    I’m sure you’ve been there.  I think we have all been there at one time or another.  I may have told my kids that I would wait to watch Fuller House with them when it first came out, but I may or may not have waited for them.  ::blush::  I may have said I would wait to watch The Crown with my husband…but I got too impatient and watched it.  But, I am not the only Netflix cheater in this house!  I told my daughter that we could watch Stranger Things together because neither of us had seen it.  We started watching it and stopped at episode 4.  The next evening I told her we could watch it again and she confessed to watching the entire season…without me! UGH, the nerve!  It’s ok.  I wasn’t too mad.  How could I be, I have done it many times before without them knowing!  And, honestly, sometimes I really enjoy binge watching all alone.  There is something so relaxing and peaceful about it.

    If you are ever in a situation and you want to sneak on ahead of the others, here are some acceptable cheat-worthy shows you can catch on Netflix!


    Cheat-Worthy Shows

    Family TV night may happen only once a week, so good luck waiting for the next episode in this truly cheat-worthy lineup.

    From left to right: Stranger Things, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, A Series of Unfortunate Events, One Day at a Time, Ultimate Beastmaster


    Netflix Stream Team


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