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    Inspiration #WordADayChallenge



    Inspiration.  I could say so many things about this word and I could say that each of my children inspire me on a daily basis and that would be true but today I want to just let the thoughts about the word just flow through my fingertips.

    I am inspired by the sun.  Sounds cheesy but when I think of the sun, I think of so many possibilities.  The sun is so bright and so powerful that you just can’t touch it, however you can feel it.  I don’t want to say that I want to be like the sun, but I kinda do.  I like to think that I am as bright as the sun, both in personality and through my interpretation of the world.  I also like to think that I am powerful.  Not so much in physical strength, because lets be real, I probably would break a hip trying to skip, but I am powerful in the way I think and how I feel and how I make others feel.  Would I say those two words describe me, not necessarily, but they do inspire me to be the best version I can be of myself.  Think of the warmth the sun emits.  It makes you feel happy to feel that warmth on your face or your body.  When you feel warmth, you feel love.  Sometimes we take that simple feeling of warmth for granted and we shouldn’t.  Being in the suns light is a blessing.  The sun inspires me to be happy and to provide a warm and loving feeling to those around me.   The sun brings so much beauty to every day.  When the sun is rising, seeing the beautiful colors it produces almost make the sky look like a watercolored painting.  When I see the sun setting, I am reminded that life is so beautiful with its endless possibilities and it leaves me anticipating what the next day will provide me with.  It inspires me and reminds me that I hold all that beauty within me too, like the many colors of the sun set.  There are layers of colors within me and I am just now starting to discover all the beauty I am holding on to and I want to share that with the rest of the world.

    I want to be like the sun, bright and powerful.  I want to be like the sun and provide warmth, happiness and love to those around me.   I want to be like the beautiful sun and let my true colors shine through to provide others with inspiration.

    The sun inspires me. What is it that inspires you?



    If you are taking part in my #WordADayChallenge don’t forget to link up your posts here!

    Tomorrows word is Justice.





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