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    Introducing: “Baby’s First Food’s Journal” by Glow Baby

    Did you know that four out of every one hundred children suffer from a food allergy? Among these, 0-5 year olds have the highest food allergy rate, evenly dispersed between boys and girls.

    Introducing new foods to your infant can be an exciting yet overwhelming event for new or experienced parents.  Glow Baby’s “Baby’s First Foods” journal is designed to help parents and caregivers introduce new foods in an organized manner that tracks the child’s reactions, allergens and food intolerances.  It also helps parents by keeping important information in one place so that it can easily be shared with caregivers and pediatricians.

    Glow Baby’s, “Baby’s First Foods” journal…

    • ·       Includes an allergy and food sensitivity page, which gives anyone caring for your child a quick snapshot of foods your child must not eat.  In the event your child consumes a food he shouldn’t, the caregiver will also know what to look for and how it should be treated.
    • ·    Is divided into sections based on 6 food groupings.  Each section contains log pages that allow parents to track the first three tries of each new food.  They can document when the food was given, the amount of food that was consumed, the texture, temperature and most importantly, the child’s reaction (like, dislike or indifferent), and whether or not there was an allergic reaction.
    • ·       Includes 12 weeks worth of menu planning pages.  Menu planning helps to promote variety in baby’s diet and ensure they are offered the appropriate amount of solid food as well as breast milk or formula.
    • ·       Has a special recipe section for parents to jot down any favorite recipes their child might enjoy.
    • ·       Includes an “Extra” section.  The Extra log pages can be useful if your child develops an allergy down the road and you need to figure out which food is the allergen.  This section also contains note and contact pages for important information.
    • ·       Is printed on FSC mixed source paper with 50% post consumer product with a suggested retail price of $22.00 USD.

    Founded in Toronto, Canada by Lindsay Harris, Glow Baby is dedicated to providing user-friendly scheduling tools for today’s busy parents at all stages of parenthood.  As a mother of two young daughters, Lindsay quickly came to appreciate the difficulties of juggling family needs. The first tool Lindsay developed was “Baby’s First Journal”, a tracking log for baby’s basic needs such as feeding, sleeping, diapering and bathing.  Glow Baby has also launched a Note Pad Series, which includes Babysitter Notes; a Medicine Pad for tracking family medication instruction and doses; a Shopping List and a To Do List.  For more information, please visit

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