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    Introducing myself!

    Wow! I am so excited to be starting this new venture in my life. I am so thankful that Tots 2 Teens Magazine is giving me this opportunity to contribute my opinions and advice to share with everyone. I hope you all enjoy what I bring to the magazine and know that I will put all my passion into each and every article I write.

    But first, I wanted to introduced myself so that you know who I am and what I am about. My name is Toni. I live in Dallas, TX. I just ventured out of my 20’s and have officially joined the 30 age group. I studied graphic design and photography in college. Decided that was not what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing. I left college, met my future husband who I have been lucky enough to be married to for 8 years now, and decided to travel. I fell in love with traveling and went back to school to study travel management. After getting my degree, I shortly gave birth to our first son. I left my then current job as a Certified Pharmacy Technician, which I had been doing for over 8 years, to be a stay at home mom. It was a hard transition but I have never looked back. 19 months later we welcomed our second little boy. Now, they are almost 4 years old and 2 years old and just the best little boys ever.

    I have recently started my own business creating and designing crafts and homemade gifts. Something I just fell into. I love crafts and decorating and I LOVE parties! I go all out for birthday parties. In my spare time, little as it may be, I create and design personalized plates and tiles and invitations and anything in between. It has been able to allow me to get back into a work routine while still being home with my boys but also giving me some extra spending money. It is wonderful and I love every minute of it. If you want more information on my business please check out or you can check me out on facebook as well,

    I am looking forward to sharing with you all that I have to offer. Whether its traveling with a toddler or the best new children’s book to be released. Advice from personal experiences or reviews on new and exciting topics for your toddlers. I hope that you enjoy reading my articles and hope that each person can take just a little bit of great information from what I have to say.

    Thank you,

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