Is it okay for pageant Moms to give Botox?

VIDEO–>Mom gives 8 year old Botox!

Is the pageant world this intense where young children need Botox?  Kerry the mother in question thinks so.  Kerry has been giving her 8 year old daughter Britney, Botox injections (on her own) to keep-up “other pageant moms are doing it.”   Kerry does not disclose the “doctor’s” name who provides her with the Botox.  The mother says the Botox helps with her daughter’s lines.  Britney’s mother also waxes her legs for the pageants.  Is this okay?  Do you think the mother is doing right by her daughter to keep her ahead of the pageant world?  Should the mother and the “Doctor” providing the Botox be in legal trouble?

Video Source: ABC News

One thought on “Is it okay for pageant Moms to give Botox?

  1. Why hasn’t DCFS come to take away this child? My son must have botox to treat his cerebral palsy and keeping his legs from tightening up. This woman is making it harder for my son to get the treatment he actually needs. Has she seen the warnings they put on this stuff? Not to mention the emotional damage she is inflicting on her daughter.

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