Is this J.Crew ad offensive to you?

–This ad has started quite the stir–
The president of J.Crew is pictured painting her son’s toe nails hot pink. Some people are not happy with this picture or what she has to say about it .
“Lucky for me I ended up with a boy whose favorite color is pink. Toenail painting is way more fun in neon.”

Jenna Lyons

What are your thoughts, should it matter?

5 thoughts on “Is this J.Crew ad offensive to you?

  1. I think society needs to start setting some priorities. Yes, we as a people should be offended and upset with recession and 3 wars and everything else going on in our Country. This? This is harmless and really kind of cute! If people are seriously that offended by it they need to put the magazines down and turn on a television local channel for the evening News.

  2. That is ridiculous. I used to paint my sons toenails when he was little all the time, after all his sister and I had our toes painted… heck even Daddy agreed to some pretty blue polish to go with his sons a couple of times! This is something that is truly a personal decision for the parents and not something to be looked down upon. If my son’s favorite color had not been blue, but pink – his nails would have been pink. Insane – he’s a child not a drag queen, who cares if he has pink toes!

  3. This ad will obviously lose a few customers because it is not acceptable for some to promote such things as polishing toes or even fingers of a little boy. While there are plenty of more severe things going on in the news, ads have a very big influence on the country. For any manly man or his wife, this would be a definite “no no”, therefore we would more than likely not shop here. It gives the impression that they will now sell nail polish for boys… ??

  4. Interesting that so much attention is paid to pink nail polish on a little boy. Maybe it’s his favorite color! Good for him. The people who are up in arms about this ad should take a look at themselves and why they are so uncomfortable with the idea of pink nail polish on a boy. My guess is that if they were really honest with themselves it would come down to a personal issue that has surfaced within them and has very little to do with the ad itself.

  5. I do not see anything wrong with this , but I would not encourage this type of thing. I understand many of the replys that little boys have sisters and may want to “be like them’ but, my daughters wear dresses and I would not allow my son to wear one if he wanted to be like his sisters. I think this ad is a big deal from the business side that what are they trying to sell? From the moral side of this ad what different parents do is up to them.

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