Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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    Is this really okay?

    TLC has a hit show on their hands with Toddlers and Tiaras. The show was sure to make some upset– yet it has worked. Does the show work because people support pageant kids or parents?  Does the show work because people watch in shock and awe?  Some people feel this show gives the wrong attention to children.

    However, if people are upset with Toddlers and Tiaras this is sure to bring an uprising…

    10 year old, Thylane Loubry Blondeau can be seen in the French Vogue— in a more adult looking manner.  Blondeau’s look in the magazine is what some may call couture.  Nevertheless, the pictures are just another reminder that children these days are a bit oversexualized.  Usually, I like to keep my opinions free and clear– but not today.

    When I saw these pictures (which I will not be posting), I was in shock horror. Why? Why would anyone take these pictures and think it was art or fashion?  Before I spoke I wanted to do more research, and even after that I don’t see the point.  The French Vogue article reads,”Quel maquillage à quel âge?”– Which means, “What makeup at what age?” The article goes on to speak about 13 year old girls wearing make-up, yet these models range in age- the youngest 10.  The girls are not wearing lip-gloss and eye shadow; the girls are in full make-up wearing stilettos.  Perhaps, it may have been cute if the girls were playing dress-up and had oversized clothes, mom’s shoes, and crazy lipstick.  However, the images show these girls in form fitted dresses laying on tiger skin rugs.

    What ever happened to a pair of Chucks, jean skirt, a pink t-shirt, with a little lip-gloss? I’m pretty sure the French Vogue images are not what we want to see in magazines or worse on billboards.  What do these images do to our children?  Shouldn’t we be protecting our children form oversexualization?  People are questioning the magazine but what about the parents?  This is not the first time Blondeau, has taken provocative pictures. She has been seen topless with necklaces covering her chest– I have not seen these pictures nor do I care to, but they are out there.  Why?  Shouldn’t her parents stop this! Does it make it okay because she is getting paid and making her way into the fashion world?  It doesn’t seem right—to me.  I hate to be judgmental, but I have to question the parents.  I cannot imagine Thylane is having a normal life as a 10 year old… you know scrapped knees from falling off bikes and interaction with other girls her age.

    What are your thoughts?




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