It’s been a long time!

This season came and went so quickly that I didn’t even have a moment to post the ins and outs of traveling! I have shared some photos on our instagram account but that was about it. We spent the last year {our 11U season} with the Plainfield Diamond Kings and we had a great year all things considering. It was apparent as the season went on that the team as we knew it was slowly disintegrating. By the time we played our very last game, it was extremely hot and after being outside all day, emotions were heightened. It was apparent at that moment that our team was doing what most teams do…split. I thought we would have defied the odds, but that simply was not the case. It was time for us to make a very hard decision as we were the #6 player on either side. We thought logically, we thought practically, we thought long and hard. Then it dawned on me…after something my mom reminded me of… and that was “You always said that you were doing this until Scott said he wasn’t having fun anymore, what does Scott want?”. Well, that had me right there…while we were making our decision as parents, what did he want? After all, he is the one playing on the field, not us, we are simply spectators. He told us where he wanted to go and after coming to terms with his decision, we finalized ours. He was moving forward with his friends. The boys he started this journey with. The boys he felt the most loyalty for. The boys that he will be going to middle school and high school with as long as we live in Plainfield. This was probably the hardest decision we had to make because we genuinely loved all the boys on the team, as well as their parents. We have not one bad thing to say about anyone and never will. We know moving forward that we are doing this again…until Scott tells us he doesn’t want to do play the game anymore or…until he tells us he isn’t having any fun. That brings us to the 2014 season. We will be playing on the new… 12U Plainfield Legends. I will be using this blog more as I believe it is important to document not only his baseball career and highlights, but my own personal experience as a baseball mom. Lets just say, sometimes…it’s not all what it’s cracked up to be. I am convinced that at some point Bravo TV will come up with the Real Moms of Travel Baseball and then everyone will see what really goes on behind the batting cage doors! Until then, this mom will share my experience right here! Here’s to 2014!