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    Kids Can Design Holiday Cards with Print Art Kids

    Tots To Teens Magazine had the opportunity to experiment with designing and to test out how the really cool website operates. We had two of our child testers, aka, my two children ages 6 and 9 create a beautiful holiday masterpiece that we could use as our family’s holiday cards this year. A little nervous as to how this all worked, I set my kids up with crayons, markers, colored pencils and plain white copy paper and asked them to draw for me what they thought Christmas meant to them.

    Gianna, my 6 year old, decided to do more of a portrait, apparently using all the shapes they had learned in school which is why we are all shaped like triangles and have rectangles for legs and circles for heads. I’m wondering if she thinks we are tree people because we have branch like arms and capital L’s for legs, which of course makes this card all the more special to me!

    My son, Scott (9) created the inside of our card. His masterpiece will be revealed a bit later in this review. He decided to create our living room where our tree is placed complete with window and drapes. (He even jumped ahead and placed some beautiful packages under the tree! I wonder which one is mine!)

    On to the website. Once the kids were done with their drawings, it was time to scan them and upload them to for finalization. Again, not sure how all this worked, I just took it one step at a time and followed the very easy to understand directions on the website. First I had to create an account, that was easy! Once logged in all you need to do is select the type of card or project you are looking to complete. Check out the screens below to get an idea of what you will see once your image is uploaded.

    You will need to select (upload) your front image and pick the color that will be used as a border. For ours, we selected red. There is also a spot for you to check if you would like to add a caption to the back of your card. It would show up where the Print Art Kids logo is on the back of the card. We opted not to do this, but it is purely a personal choice.

    The next step was the inside image. Here is where my sons photo shows up. You will upload your second image and add your card message. When you are done with your message, you can add a closing line, select your font style and color. Once you have filled out all the necessary information, you can click on “View Proof” before completing and moving on to the next step. The next step is simply the verification process, payment process and receipt process. It was all done, no joke, within 5 minutes. It was by far the easiest process I’ve been through when dealing with complete personalized and customized products. Now all I had to do was wait for the final product to arrive. It was shipped and received rather quickly, impressive!

    Seeing the final product was so exciting. To be able to have my children participate in our holiday card process was exciting for them and for me. It was a lot of fun watching them draw out their versions of family and the holiday and it was even more fun to watch their faces light up when it was on real paper that looked exactly like a holiday greeting card. I was impressed with the quality of the paper used for this product as well as the papers and labels used on the samples provided for this review, not to mention the print quality was superb.

    You don’t have to select greeting cards to showcase your child’s artwork, you can also get note pads, return address labels, postcards, and gift labels to get you started *wink wink.

    Holiday Cards from are printed on recycled paper with your child’s brightly colored artwork on the front and your personalized message on the inside. Holiday cards are available in sets of 25, 50, 75 and 100 and all include recycled bright white blank envelopes.

    For more information and to order your set of holiday cards, hurry on over to! You still have time to get them created and in the mail just in time for the holidays! BTW, tell them that Tots To Teens Magazine sent you over!

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