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    Living In A Nutshell by Janet Lee

    “Living in Nutshell: Posh and Portable Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces” by Janet Lee (available on Amazon) pulls together crafting and creativity to transform any small space into a wonderful, up-lifting, one-of-a-kind living space that will fit any budget.  If anyone has had experience living in a small space, whether it be an apartment, dorm room, home with small living quarters, then you know how hard it is to combine function and style.  With Janet Lee‘s book, “Living in a Nutshell,  she brings you over 200 photos and over 100 DIY design projects and a ton of inspiration.

    I am not currently living in small quarters anymore, but I remember living in a very small home with very small rooms that made you feel like you needed to find extra small dollhouse furniture to make your rooms look larger.  I wish I had this book 13 years ago…I can only imagine what amazing rooms I would have had back then.  However, after reading Janet’s book, I even found ideas helpful for my current living space.  I am dying over the metal kitchen wall (stick) tiles to add a touch a sparkle to my kitchen’s back-splash and who knew you could make a window treatment out of a extra-long fitted twin sheet?  There are so many delightful design ideas packed into this 207 page book that I just didn’t want it to end.

    Don’t be afraid to divide your space and use a bit of color!  Don’t be afraid of paint and fabric!  Once you take a look at Living in a Nutshell, you will realize that you can maximize vertical wall storage, use frames like you never thought of before, use different colors of paint to create eye-popping works of art, and tackle some simple DIY products (that are nicely ranked from 1-6+ hours) that you can complete on your own.  Say good-bye to boring small spaces that you want to run away from and say hello to glamorously fresh spaces that you can’t wait to come back home to.

    Janet Lee is an Emmy Award-winning television show producer, has styled and produced for leading home decorators, such as Martha Stewart, B. Smith and Thom Filicia.  She had spent ten years as a senior producer for The Oprah Winfrey Show, working closely with Nate Berkus.   Since 2008, she has been writing on her blog, livinginanutshell.com.


    ($25 Hardcover; Harper Design, An Imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers)

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