Thursday, November 30, 2023
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    Lock ‘N Load Lockport Tournament

    Well, it’s now Saturday, April 14th and we have won two more games.  We started the day playing the Highland Heat at Hassert Park in Crest Hill/Lockport, Illinois.  We won by slaughter rule with the score at 21-0.  It was a cold, windy day and it was one of those days where you’d rather be inside nice and warm, but….when baseball comes calling, …you must play! You can see the clouds…doesn’t it look nasty out there?

    Here Scott is on third and in scoring position after a walk at bat.  The ball is hit and here comes Scott…scoring a run… (I love this picture that I made using Instagram!)

    After our morning win, we took a break, had some lunch at Pop’s and went back to the fields for game 2.  We played the Bolingbook Rampage and even though there was some taunting, we ended up winning the game, 12-5.  Our boys held it together and did what they went there to do…win!


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