Merry Christmas & Happy New Year GIFTS!


Struggling on what gifts to give to mom? Us moms go through a lot throughout the year and the holiday season is our time to really shine. BUT, it is also the time of year where most of us experience burn out and fatigue. I wanted to put together a little gift list that is just for us moms to enjoy. There might be things that are basic, some that are extreme, but all in all, a lot of fun.

Let’s get the party started!

WINE GLASS…but in cognito wine glass! Check out these mason jar cup koozie from Mason-Re. I have the Ocean Tie-Dye and absolutely love it! The koozie is $11 and is the world’s first 100% silicone koozie for the 8oz mason jar. The koozie insulates hot and cold and is microwave and dishwasher safe – BOOM! Use it for wine, hot chocolate, water, lemonade, spiked lemonade….wine….see where I’m going with this?

SELF CARE KIT – because that is ALL we can talk about is “self care” this and “self care” that, but what if you don’t know how to self care? Then what? After all, we take care of everyone else, how can we possibly remember to take care of ourselves too? Introducing The Self Care Bucket List! It contains cards on how to actually do this self care thing. Just pull a card when the urge strikes you and you’ve taken the first step to carving out time for just you! You can tell your pet all your darkest secrets or do something silly or fun for 5 minutes. Skies the limit!

CREATIVITY – because all moms want a Cricut to label stuff around the house! I’ve got one and love mine. I’ve labeled a bread box, my sugar and flour, medicine cabinet stuff, spices and seasonings, ornaments, and I’ve made t-shirts and coffee mugs….yeah, all moms want a Cricut! I’m sure of it! This is a big one but it’s like the gift that keeps giving!

CANDLES – because what mom on the planet doesn’t like or want MORE candles? At least with this one it says the truth! Those kids put us through HELL don’t they? I mean, after you teach them to walk and talk it’s basically down hill from there….am I right? Be real moms, be real.

JOURNALS – because we really start to forget a lot of shit and we hate to admit that. I swear I can’t remember what I had for lunch let alone what all my passwords are, or even birthdays. I really am bad at remembering stuff so let’s hope that this helps to keep us all organized and it’s a nice place to store important information so if someone should happen to break in, they’ll know exactly what to look for….a book that stores all our important shit.

SENTIMENTAL – because all moms fall for sentimental gifts from their kids! No matter what the gift, moms are guaranteed to love a good quality sentimental gift such as this SWAROVSKI Women’s Infinity Heart necklace! It has a rose gold tone & Rhodium finish with SWAROVSKI Clear Crystals throughout. It is really a beautiful gift, isn’t is? I mean, it is on my list!

And, there you have it….a little glimpse into what I feel are the best gifts to give mom this holiday season (and beyond). She’s sure to love what ever you give her, but I believe these would really give you a gold star on the Christmas tree of love!