Mid Summer already!

I am one tired momma today! This summer is kicking my behind and these boys are driving me crazy! I have tried so hard to keep them busy and active but I am running out of ideas and I am at my wits end. Movies, Six Flags, movies, pool, play dates, pool, movies. We do throw in the library each week and they have spent some time the grand parents but after last night, I need to research some new fun and cheap things to do. It has been a rainy week here this week so we have been stuck indoors. Enjoying the nice cool temps these last few days, but we are bouncing off the walls.

However, after a super busy last couple of weeks, I am enjoying some down time. This summer is flying by. School supplies ads are out and shopping has begun. I have our list and ready to hit the stores. I just can’t believe my little man is already 6 and heading to the 1st grade! It brings tears to my eyes. We have our backpack and lunch box all ready. Just need supplies and we have to buy school uniforms.

Let’s hope the rest of the summer goes a bit slower. It has flown by!