Mommy phone blues.

Well, this last week proves I am losing my mind! My phone charger has been on the fritz lately and works only in certain positions. Well, if finally bit the dust and broke completely. Of course, my phone was almost dead too. So, I quickly went on to Amazon to order a new one. I was so excited I snag one up for $4 with free shipping!!! YAY, awesome deal!!! In the mean time, I had to do without a phone. This proved to be a challenging task. I live for my phone! It has everything on it, email, text, FB, the works. So, after waiting 4 days for my charger to get here, I then realized that my husbands charger actually fit into my phone. Hmm. This could have saved me a whole lot of trouble. So, I plugged it in and charged it up! So excited and ready to go with my now charged phone, I then accidently dropped my phone into the toilet! Seriously! It is now sitting on the table in a bowl full of rice hoping to draw out all the water damage. 🙁