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    Monkeybar Buddies

    It’s getting chilly out there time to start layering up and if you have an adventurous little gal like mine, she still wants to climb on the cold monkeybars.  Yes, my baby girl is a monkey if she sees a jungle gym she is all over it, and sometimes she forgets she’s in a skirt. That is why I ALWAYS put shorts under her skirt, but sometimes those shorts are bulky…. and in walks Monkeybar Buddies.  I was asked would you like to try Monkeybar Buddies my response >OF COURSE!


    Monkeybar Buddies are slim shorts perfect for girls to still monkey around on the park without accidental flashes.  No more I see London I see France 🙂 Monkeybar Buddies also offer leggings which are perfect for the chilly Fall & Winter weather.  Girls still want to wear their cute skirts and dresses and with Monkeybar Buddies they can.


    Monkeybar Buddies are cute under a skirt with boots and a nice sweater perfect to still monkey around on the monkey bars. Go check out Monkeybar Buddies for your favorite little monkey 🙂  and please tell us what you think.


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