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    Moodylicious Children’s Spa {Holiday Picks, Reviews, and Giveaways}

    Did you see Moodylicious Children’s Spa in our Holiday Gift Guide?  Moodylicious has plenty of great products to choose from and we wanted to share some of the items you didn’t see in the magazine with you here.


    We threw a Winter Wonderland Spa Party with Moodylicious Children’s Spa products and the most adorable printables from Krown Kreations & Celebrations.   The girls LOVED the spa party and all the fun stations we set up.


    Each Krown Kreation snowflake card marked a new station on the table, the girls got to enjoy; facials, manis, and pedis!


    The girls washed their faces using Moodylicious Spa’sFace Frosting cleanser & mask” The paraben-free whipped creamy milky face frosting cleanser contains vitamin A and D, which nourishes your child’s skin with no yucky ingredients or chemicals.


    The girls sugar scrubbed their hands and feet with Moodylicious organic sugar scrub & lotioned up with Moodylicious Paraben Free Cotton Candy Lotion {yummy}.


    The girls also enjoyed making their own hot coca creations at the hot coca station we had plenty of add ins for them 🙂

    Please go check out Moodylicious Childrens’s Spa they have the best smelling paraben-free natural goodness for kiddos.  Also for your party needs; invites, cupcake toppers, labels, banners, as well as the cutest little top hats visit Krown Kreations & Celebrations.
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