Morph DigitalDudz – Super Cool Ugly Sweater!

Morph DigitalDudz

Favorite Holiday Finds #4

The Morph DigitalDudz Moving Fireplace Sweater isn’t your typical “ugly sweater”, it is probably the coolest holiday sweater we’ve ever seen.  When I first saw it online I really didn’t think I was going to like it all that much.  When I showed it to my kids they wanted no part of it.  I’m not even going to lie.  They thought I was so weird for wanting to review it.  That was up until it actually showed up on our doorstep.   No one was home when I received it so I opened it up, took it out of the box and plastic wrapping and was completely amazed by its quality.  This is probably one of the thickest holiday sweaters I’ve ever seen.  It’s almost like a sweatshirt with it’s thickness.  Morph DigitalDudz


The quality alone blew me away.  If anyone knows me and/or has read my blog before, they know I am really most concerned with quality.  The Morph DigitalDudz sweater (of as they call it on their website “jumpers”) is well worth the purchase if you’re looking for a unique holiday sweater for yourself, spouse or older children.  It is 100% acrylic, machine washable and should be line dried.  It is very soft and the colors are nice, bright and it screams holiday fun!  Here’s the coolest part, you download the app (on Google Play or App Store), find the corresponding animation and just slide your device in the sweater and press play.  You can even resize the graphic so it fits perfectly.  Check this out…. (sorry forgot to turn the camera the horizontal so it would record the right way….my bad).



It even crackles!


Ok, so here are the most important details.  You can select from crackling fires, snowy scenes, blinking kitten, gingerbread man and a moving mooning (ooo) santa.   The Samsung S6 and iPhone 6+ won’t fit.  (They even have some digital t-shirts, masks, costumes and morphsuits if you want to beyond Christmas.)  The Morph DigitalDudz ugly sweaters retail for $59.99  They are super fun and well worth it!  Your family will fight over who will be wearing it on Christmas morning….just like mine will be with this one!  Here’s another thing…check out these famous faces wearing their own ugly sweaters! 


Celebrities Wearing Ugly Christmas Sweaters


Does your family do anything fun like wear ugly Christmas sweaters on Christmas Eve or Day?


Morph DigitalDudz Ugly Christmas Sweater


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