Mother Trucker & Co

Mother Trucker & Co
Favorite Holiday Finds #7

Mother Trucker & Co carries some of today’s most trendy sayings and hashtags.  The company was started by two PTA moms (of boys).  They took the trucker (snap back) hat and made it a fun, fashion friendly, celebrity-loved product.  The Mother Trucker & Co has quite a following and such a neat line.   As you can see above, their “Boss Lady” trucker hat is being worn by yours truly and the “Boss Girl” lil trucker is being worn by my side-kick, Gianna.  It’s only fitting that I am boss lady and she is boss girl.  It suits us to a tee. 

mother trucker & co

Their line consists of a Lil’ Mother Trucker (that range in size for little youth to big youth), Breast Cancer Awareness (love those a lot), Dirt Life, What’s Up Beaches, Sports Mom, Football, Mom Life (which I could totally relate to), Gotta Represent, Inspirations, Freakin Fabulous, and last but certainly not last, Mrs. & Tis the Season.  The Lil’ Mother Trucker hats are $20 while the adult sizes are $25.  NOT a bad price at all!


Gianna and I have fun wearing our hats together.  She is my little mini me so to see this photo, it is so “us”.  Look at Karma too, perhaps the Mother Trucker & Co can come up with cute pup hats too and call them Mother Trucker Pupper! 🙂


I like that these Trucker hats are affordable for both adult and kid sizes.  The quality is top notch.  I love the fit, style and of course, the glam and sparkle!  Gianna and I are going to rock our Mother Truckers and be the bosses we are!


Be sure to take a look at all their Truckers.  I really liked the “Blessed” & “Believe” truckers too.  We are very happy to have them a part of our Favorite Holiday Finds list! 🙂