Motivating Monday: Self Love

How much love do you have for yourself?

Hey friends!  I have been watching many periscopes over the last week and the one thing that I have noticed is us women are way too hard on ourselves.  When I saw this quote this morning I knew it was something that I had to write about.

We all have good and bad days, that’s a given, but we, myself included, often fall short of recognizing our own strengths and we somehow let our weaknesses, what ever they are, get the better of us.  Today we are going to be motivated to make one small change.  It’s a very easy change to make and for some reason we block ourselves from receiving it. You deserve your own love!

LOVE!!!  Self-LOVE!!!

Today and every day this week, I challenge you to go look in a mirror and really look at yourself with LOVE in your heart.  Don’t look at yourself with flaws and with the “what if” attitude or self-doubting mentality.  Look at yourself and think of the many accomplishments you have achieved over the course of your life. You should be proud.

Many of you reading this are Mom’s!  That means, you have done many things, things you probably could have done without, but you still did it!  We are so hung up on body image and the lack there of, but you have got to remember what your body has/had been through to have those lil humans running around the Earth.  You want your kiddos to be proud of their bodies, we all do.  Why is it so easy for us to motivate them to love themselves, but we struggle to love our own selves.

When you look in the mirror, tell yourself:

I am worthy of my own love

You have no problems telling other people you love them, but how often do you tell yourself, “I love you, simply for being you?”.  Say that mantra above this whole week.  Say it over and over again, multiple times a day if you have to.  Say it as many times as it take for you to believe that you are worthy of your own love. 

When you find that you have accepted your love, I am pretty sure you (we/me) will start to see a shift in how we view ourselves and our bodies.  We may even love ourselves enough to spend a few extra minutes making smarter food choices or spending 10 more minutes working out.  We may even push ourselves in a way that we have never done before.

What have you got to lose?  Love yourself today and always!




5 thoughts on “Motivating Monday: Self Love

  1. I am a firm believer that the Universe will give you what you need, when you need it. I needed to read this. I have been struggling with accepting myself, loving myself being pregnant with babe #2. Your body changes, things shift, weight is gained.
    I have written on a sticky note, “I love you, simply for being you!” and it is going on my bathroom mirror and staying there until I believe it.
    What an excellent way to start out the Monday morning with such a positive read.

    1. Awe, Ashley, I am so happy that you have read the post and I too believe that as long as you are open to change, you will receive the change you need. Hang in there and keep going! Don’t let one bad day or one slip up put a dent in your overall goal of self-love! You deserve it!!

  2. I would Love to BELIEVE that I am Worthy of MY OWN LOVE I have not Loved myself since I lost two of my Children in 2009, 6 months apart, I feel that I let them down somehow (special needs) I know in my heart that I did my best and I miss them VERY MUCH the grief process has been hard and I know I’ll carry the pain to my grave I truly believed that I had a purpose and they were that purpose

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