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    My Happy Tunes Music Playlist

    Let’s talk about music. Happy tunes, sad tunes and every tune in between, I love all the tunes! Ok, maybe not really all of them but most of them I love. My family is very much into a variety of music. There is always something playing in my house, sometimes it’s in every room.

    Music Playlist

    It Runs In The Family

    My husband plays the guitar. He can hear a song and pretty much play it by ear. He doesn’t really read music but he definitely has an ear for it. When we were dating we would go to so many concerts. He always said if he could do anything (career-wise), he would be working within the music industry somewhere. He listens to Alternative (and some classic) Rock.

    Introducing Onyx Deimos – Singer/Songwriter

    All three kids have different tastes in music but are all skilled in some way. My oldest, Onyx Deimos is a new (and very talented) singer/songwriter and has 3 of her own songs out, one she did a feature on and has her own style of R&B/Pop. She likes the Indie artists the best and more or less fits into that category herself. With a shameless plug, here is her fanlink account. I’d love for you to take a listen!

    Self-Taught Son

    My son has taught himself how to play the guitar (electric, acoustic, and bass), piano, and keyboards, and would like to learn how to play the violin and I think he said the saxophone. He also produces music, beats, and who knows what else, he’s like a musical sponge. His ear has no limits. He likes to listen to a variety of music from Alternative Rock to 80’s hits to R&B and so on.

    Concert Goer & Dancer

    My youngest daughter loves to listen to her Rap music. She recently went to her first concert and it’s been said that it will not be her last. In addition to listening to music, she is just now starting to try to play the piano but she would really like to learn how to play the drums. She is more of a dancer in the family. That girl has the moves one could only wish for. I wish I had her rhythm!

    The Wannabe Musician

    Me? I just listened and pretended I could sing and dance. In my next life, I’d like to at least be able to carry a tune. But, since that isn’t possible right now, I’ll stick to just listening! 🙂 That said, I have lots of playlists for my different moods. I’m not like the kids though because I can listen to a variety of music from old movies to new indie rock to jazz to pop….to even a little country. Here is my Spotify account (some songs are explicit so be warned) and my Happy Tunes playlist. I have a playlist for just about any mood. Music helps to get me back into a positive headspace. It’s always been an important part of my life and I am so glad that my kids have a love for it as well.

    The Happy Tunes Playlist

    What type of music are you listening to?

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