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    MWAV is on a mission and we need your help!

    Moms With A View is on a mission and we need your help! You may be out of the baby stage, but that doesn’t mean you cannot assist us as we venture on to a new mission. We cannot give you too many details, but the next time you go into a fast food chain take a peek in their bathrooms and see if there is a changing station in any of the stalls or anywhere in the bathroom for that matter.

    If you go into a fast food restroom that does not have a changing station, please use the form below and let us know all about it. By filling out this form, it will allow us to move forward with our mission to make it mandatory that all fast food chains have a changing station in at least one of it’s stalls or main customer bathrooms.

    Think of it this way, as I was watching my nephew, I took my child and him to the local fast food chain for lunch. Guess what happened! Oh no, the baby pooped, as I would have expected from a newborn. I had to go and change him because I just couldn’t let him sit in it right? On to the bathroom. When I get in there, guess what! There was no changing station anywhere to be found. What is a mom to do at this point? Where does she change her baby? Well, I took my nephew and laid him out on the bench at the table and changed him there, 1. because I was pissed that there was no where to change him, and 2. that in order to change him in the car or what have you, that would require me to pack up, get my daughter together and force her to stop playing. While I was doing this changing, I was wondering how many other parents or caretakers were forced into this unhealthy and unsanitary procedure. I began to start taking notice of just how many fast food places do not have changing stations. Why is this? They simply are not mandated so in efforts to, I don’t know, cut costs, they omit this important station. What happens if your child picks up an e coli bacteria from unsanitary changing procedures? Don’t you find it unhealthy and gross to know that you cannot even change your baby in this place or that place? Don’t you feel that all food establishments should be forced to have a changing station, especially those places that are geared towards and target children of all ages?

    Please help us with this mission by taking notice yourself and reporting back to us. We are taking this very seriously because we do not want any more children to be harmed by this disgusting, and unhealthy changing practice.

    Please take a moment and fill out this survey form. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email.
    MWAV Fast Food Survey Form

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