My Goals

There are so many things I’d love to accomplish in 2014, 2015 -no, 2016…starting with becoming a list maker!  I totally suck at making lists and getting anything checked off the list so this in itself will be a challenge!

For starters, I’d like to…

1.  Take a photography class so I know how to properly use my Canon Rebel camera!

2.  Get over my expressway driving anxiety.

3.  Be more positive.

4.  Exercise 5 days a week for a MIN. of 30 minutes!

5.  Lose 50 pounds.

6.  Smile more.

7.  Get a full-time “paying” job.

8.  Purchase a new {or new/used} car for myself!

9.  Budget and stick to it!

10.  Take my oldest to NYC.

11.  Go to BlogHer {I’d love a sponsor!}

12.  Take a creative writing class.

13.  Help a family in need for the holiday.

14.  Try new foods – maybe even take a cooking class.

15.  Have a monthly DATE night with my husband!