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    My Favorite Giant

    A while back we had the opportunity to attend the extremely popular Wizard World Comic Con here in Chicago. It was our first experience, and let’s just say it was quite the experience!  We were so thrilled to be a part of the action and now we can see why fans love this event. While we were there, we had the pleasure of meeting Peter Mayhew. Some (non-Comic Con goers) won’t recognize that name, but perhaps you are familiar with famous Star Wars character, Chewbacca? If you loved Star Wars, and who didn’t, then it would be safe to say that, Peter was your favorite giant growing up! I mean, who didn’t love Chewbacca, right?

    Peter was sharing his book, My Favorite Giant with his fans while at Comic Con and we were able to receive a copy to read and share our thoughts with you, our readers. His book is a very easy read for children. It shares a story of how everyone is different, yet we are all the same in the ways that it matters most, once you get to know us as an individual. It is told by the very shy, 7’3″ Mayhew as he encountered some unpleasant situations while growing up.  The story is beautifully illustrated by the very talented, Terry Naughton (Walt Disney Animation Studios, think the Beast from Beauty and the Beast among other popular characters), and allows the young reader to visualize the message behind the story.

    There is another beautiful story inside this story.  It is about a little girl Katie who lost her battle with cancer in 2005 however, the R2-KT lives on and its mission is to entertain sick children, raise awareness of pediatric cancer, and raise money for such charities as Make-A-Wish and Children’s Cancer Fund.

    We hope you will take a peek at this book as it is sure to open the lines of communication between you and your child.  We live in a time when it is easier to be mean to someone than to get to know them, and that behavior needs to stop.  As quoted by Peter Mayhew, “kindness replaces meanness“, lets make that a saying kids can remember…forever.

    For more information about My Favorite Giant, or R2-KT visit

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