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    Netflix & The Lego Craze

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    Lego Craze!

    Lego building while watching Netflix goes hand in hand!

    When I think back to what all of my kids played with- I think of Lego’s. No matter what was on the outside of the box, each kid of mine loved playing with the little plastic connecting blocks on the inside of the box. I remember gathering up the toddler sized Duplo Lego pieces from the family room floor so I wouldn’t step on them but it never failed, somehow there would be that one block that I forgot or didn’t see and I’d step on it and let out a blood curdling scream. As they got older, the blocks got smaller! The smaller they were, the quicker they blended into the carpeting. They would be all over the floor in just about every room and it was guaranteed that I would step on one! I can probably accurately estimate that I’ve stepped on 1,834 pieces over the course of 14 years.

    I tried to keep those little connecting blocks together and had tried a number of things. I used to have a garage organizer hanging on my sons wall and they were separated by color…yes, I was that anal that they had to be separated by color and if not color, then by their size. When my son was done playing with them, we then hung it in the garage. It was a multi-purpose product. Who doesn’t love those? When my daughter started playing with them, I had so many that we would just put them in large plastic containers and then lucky for us, the Lego peeps came out with a ginormous Lego storage head (she just had to have it) that we just piled and dumped all the pieces into the head. Now, instead of playing with the little blocks, my daughter is into collecting the people. She has a shelf full of different Lego guys.

    Lego and Netflix Streamteam member gift package for March 2016

    As a member of the Netflix Streamteam we were provided with two gifts for the kids to build while watching their favorite Lego series. I am a sucker for anything Lego though so I don’t even mind watching them! Since my daughter loves transformers she was so happy that she was able to build the Bionicle because she didn’t have that type yet and was going to add it to her collection, along with the Lego Friends girls from that package. My kids would play anything Lego, including the video games! There is just something so “family” when it comes to Legos. It has been something that I’m pretty sure every child has played with at one point or another. Then came the movie and now the different series’ that are featured on Netflix, what’s not to love! It’s a huge Lego craze over here these days…and just when I thought were were done seeing Lego’s in the house! I am pleasantly surprised and welcome them!

    So during spring break, if you or your kids are at a loss for what to do, go and grab some new Lego’s and turn on their favorite Lego series on Netflix!  It may not be Netflix & Chill, but it could be Netflix & Create!  Here are some Lego titles that you can find on Netflix now:

    Lego City
    Lego City on Netflix
    Lego Friends: The Power of Friendship 

    LEGO Friends Slam Dunk Still 3

    Lego Bionicle: The Journey to One

    LEGO Bionicle on Netflix

    Enjoy being creative while watching a little Netflix!


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