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    It’s a New Year so What’s New on Netflix?

    Another new year has come and gone and I am still hanging on strong to Netflix and streaming. In fact, since the start of the new year, we have become a streaming-only family.  That’s right, we cut the cord and are now streaming everything!  It feels so refreshing!  Anyway, with that, we have upped our Netflix streaming game and watch it more now than ever before.  There are so many shows that we can all watch together, and separately.  There is something for everyone to enjoy.

    For the Littles

    The littles can’t get enough of Trolls… Trolls: The Beat Goes On! picks up right where the hit movie left off and follows the adventures of Poppy, Branch and all their Troll friends.

    Trolls: The Beat Goes On!


    For the Less Scared

    For those who are ready to be scared…let them try A Series of Unfortunate Events first. The dark comedy returns for a second suspense-filled season with Neil Patrick Harris reprising his role as Count Olaf.

    A Series of Unfortunate Events


    Light-Hearted Family Fun

    And those teens who are looking for a fun family comedy…look no further than the Alvarez family of One Day at a Time. While Penelope keeps her family going, it’s the perspectives of her children that make the show relevant today.

    One Day at a Time

    What’s to Come in the New Year

    New Show for the New Year, Altered Carbon

    And, get ready for some new series to hit, like Altered Carbon, a fast-paced cyberpunk series where death isn’t permanent and human consciousness can be digitized and downloaded from body to body.  Or for the family member who needs a little late night snack.  They can enjoy the second season of Santa Clarita Diet

    But that’s not all you get to look forward to!  This February Queer Eye returns after 15 years with a brand new Fab Five and the Regina King-starring crime drama Seven Seconds goes beyond the headlines of race relations and law enforcement. The standard coming-of-age story is turned on its head with a set of dueling A/V and drama clubs set in 1990s Oregon in Everything Sucks! to four bright and savvy friends in growing up and navigating their way through life in South Central LA in On My Block.

    Later this year you can enjoy family favorites like Benji and Lost in Space!  What shows or series are you looking forward to watching this year?

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