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    NO excuse workout!!

    “I’m so busy.” ” I just don’t have time.”  Does this sound familiar? Sadly, I’ve used theses excuses myself….

    However, I’m changing all of that, my mindset is now I WILL MAKE TIME, I DO HAVE TIME, and Sweat Unlimited assists me with finding time.

    What do I mean?

    Sweat Unlimited is a DVD program with 4 different workouts with four different time frames, if you only have FIVE MINUTES, Sara Haley has you covered! Sara Haley, is a certified trainer, who knows her fitness; and Mommies, she is a mommy too, even more reason to not use excuses, if I can look like Sara, I’m all in!

    Here is what you get with the Sweat Unlimited DVD

    Sweat Extreme 5: Trigger, Tone & Tighten: 5 minutes of Sara’s most effective and energizing exercises that wake up, strengthen and challenge your entire body

    Sweat Strength 15: Burn, Baby, Burn: 15 minutes of total body sculpting that keeps your heart rate up and your muscles burning

    Sweat Cardio 30: Pop, Rock & Drop: 30 minutes of fat-burning cardio drills consisting of moves inspired by the dance club, rock ‘n roll and break dancing (plus a warm up and cool down)

    Sweat Box 45: Punch, Kick & Core: 45 minutes of Tabata-inspired intervals that alternate between boxing drills and core exercises to give you a metabolic burn and core blast

    And Sara is giving us a->BONUS: Sweat Stretch 5: Reach, Relax & Rejuvenate: 5 minutes to breathe, stretch and relax as you focus on decreasing muscle soreness

    As well as fun! Who doesn’t love a high energy workout to get you going on the path to surpassing your fitness goals?

    Sweat Unlimited, is the perfect DVD for busy moms who often use the phrase “I don’t have time,” now you do! Personally I love boxing, and back-in-the-day I was a Tae Bo junky so, this DVD works with my fitness style.  I understand some people like a slower pace, you can adjust your pace, and Sara provides safe modifications to fit your needs.  Sweat Cardio 30, will give you 30 minutes of bringing you back to you club days 😉 you’re having so much fun you won’t notice your working out!

    Go Check out Sweat Unlimited $24.95 also available in download


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