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    Office Makeover Part 2a

    My Office Needs A Change…again…


    I recently shared a post that showed off my massive organizational skills.  It’s real people, it’s real.  Real bad, but it’s still real!  I had two desks set up in my office but realized that my kids don’t want to use it to do their homework on so I decided to get rid of the second L-shaped floating desk and brought back my favorite over-sized denim chair.  Having to remove the floating desk left big holes in the walls where the anchors were set in, but luckily for me I have a husband who is a drywall finisher by trade and he quickly filled, patched and sanded them down.   I have four walls with big holes like these…


    Office Wall Holes


    What I didn’t realize though was that I didn’t have any of the office paint left over so that meant I needed to repaint the entire office.  Since I have to repaint the entire office, in my mind, that means, whole office makeover and who doesn’t like to make things over?  Right now my office is a khaki-tanish color and I knew I wanted to have something different so I headed out to get some paint ideas.  When I saw this color I knew it was the perfect color for my office.


    New Office Paint Color


    I have these faux-framed sayings on the walls that I love so I don’t want to mess with them, but I did want to enhance them and I think the color paint is a nice partner color.  I’m excited to see what it looks like with the deep green against the chocolate colored frame, cream background wall color and chocolate wording.


    Office Wall Motivation


    My color scheme will now be, white, chocolate, Serene Shade Tree {green} and beige.  However, this color scheme doesn’t exactly go with the denim chair so I may find a nice throw blanket to add to it to tie in the green to the chair because I really want to keep that chair!  Of course, everything may change once the color is actually on the wall and I start to redecorate.  I’m going to try and re-purpose many things in my office, but who knows, I may want to toss out everything in here and just start fresh!  I’m giving myself a 2 week time frame for completion and a $100 budget.  So far I’ve spent about $23 on paint.  Let’s do this!!!  Again!


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