Tuesday, June 18, 2024


    Warranty Failure and Service Neglect – Immediate Resolution Required

    Dear Milgard Customer Support,

    I am writing this email with a sense of extreme urgency and deep disappointment in the way my requests have been handled. I have been a proud homeowner of Milgard windows, which come with a lifetime warranty, for over 20 years. I am baffled at the disregard and poor treatment I’ve experienced when seeking assistance on multiple windows in my house that clearly need servicing.

    Despite contacting your customer service multiple times about broken seals, mold trapped between window panes, and a faulty patio door, my issues remain unaddressed. I was asked to submit details about the multiple windows via an online form, which I did in good faith. I then received an email dated March 24, 2023, asking for a series of photos to be uploaded.

    Despite my doubts, I complied, providing all requested images to the best of my ability. This effort was in itself an unreasonable burden, essentially performing the work that a service technician could have done. But what I found more frustrating was that after all this, my claim was denied on the grounds of not being covered. (These are not ALL the photos that were sent.)

    I must make it clear that my issue does not lie with cleaning the windows but with the more serious issues of mold BETWEEN the panes, broken seals, and a defective patio door. Despite my repeated attempts to explain this, your team has sent me nothing more than cleaning instructions. What I have been requesting for months, is for a technician to be dispatched to evaluate these problems in person.

    After numerous emails dated March 24, 28, April 5, 11, 17, 20, May 4, 9, 16, June 16, 22, and July 15, 20, 2023, and attempts to reach out via social media, not one representative has managed to schedule a technician visit.

    It is not only disappointing but disconcerting that Milgard would abandon its commitment to its warranty and its customers. My trust and faith in your products and services have been severely shaken by these events.

    I demand that a service technician be sent to inspect my windows immediately. It’s time that Milgard honors the lifetime warranty agreement and provides the level of service that I, as an original owner, am entitled to.

    I expect a prompt and effective resolution to this situation.

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