{Papa-Corn} Candied bacon, mini chocolate chips popcorn!!

That candied bacon we made yesterday is making a return in a BIG way!! We’re chopping it up and mixing it into a yummy popcorn treat. I call it Papa-Corn because I made it for my honey this Father’s Day.

What you will need

How it’s done

I popped 1cup of popcorn in sunflower oil, with a sprinkle or two of salt, in a large pot {make sure to place your lid on your pot, if you fancy your eyeballs}.
Once the popcorn was popped I placed it in a casserole dish (this is just so I could evenly spread the mixture).
I chopped up the bacon and mixed it in with the popcorn and added the mini chocolate chips.
Finally I sprinkled the mixture with a little kosher salt, which helps with that sweet savory combo that is so yummy!
And that’s it. Bag it up and enjoy!