Monday, October 2, 2023

    Partied Out!

    Wow, what a busy month it has been and its only been 2 weeks into the month! My husband and I just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary on February 5th. That 10 years went by fast! But, we celebrated with our close friends and family. Everyone that has stood by us for the past 10 years and would be there for us no matter what. We had a nice dinner party at home and had it catered. I spent months picking the right flowers, food, and decor. It turned out fantastic! We even release Chinese wish lanterns at the end of the night.

    lantern pic

    Plus, my little guy turns 4 on the 12 and we celebrated this past weekend. We held a Super hero training academy party for him and a few of his close friends. They learned to fly, battle villains, and scale tall buildings. At the end, all the trainees became official superheroes when they defeated the evil Doc Nacho.

    Blake cake

    Now, I can say that I am partied out! Two parties back to back in our home as worn me out. Adding in a super bowl party, Valentine’s party, and daily life as well! But, I love it and wouldn’t change a thing!!!

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