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    Peet’s Do YOU Give A Cup?

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    Peet’s Coffee recently introduced their single cup coffee’s and the brand is inviting fans to visit their site each week and vote on a topic.  The topics are fun and a little quirky, and Peet’s Coffee wants to know – do you give a cup?  The voting will determine where they host their sampling events each week.  So if you want them to come visit your area so you could get some free samples, get your voting fingers on!

    Anyone who drinks Peet’s coffee knows how uncompromising the brand is when it comes to flavor.  So when they started working on their Single Cups, they took their time – 5 years, to be exact. They worked to perfect each blend, using more coffee than most, designing a specific dose for each blend, and using a different kind of filter than allows more flavor to pass into the cup.  If you are a coffee drinker, you know what that means, right?

    The question I have seen is {and have voted on} Do You Give a Cup about Kale?  No, I am not a huge fan of Kale.  I think it is a smelly green leaf thing that I’d rather not eat.  However, I have enjoyed Kale in my fruit and veggie smoothies.  I opt to add a bunch more fruit to ‘mask’ the flavor of the kale, but when I don’t see it, I don’t mind eating it.  I find it rather disgusting but I know the health benefits from it, so I at least give it a solid and honest try.  Another question I have seen is relating to Boy Bands.  I remember those good o’le days and back then, yes, I’d give a cup about that…now I am older and really, it isn’t a huge priority in my life to go to my favorite boy band concert or even adopt a new boy band favorite.  There are so many other fun and quirky topics to share your opinions on, so if you like to share yours, be sure to visit and share away!  Share and participate in their social sampling experiment!  Maybe you can get some free samples at a location near you this summer!

    Right now… what do I give a cup about?  Getting through the next 4 weeks of summer vacation WITH my sanity in tact!

    Comment below and let me know what YOU give a cup about… but of course, do that after you visit and share your vote with the good folks at Peet’s Coffee!

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