Pinterest Double Personality

Oh Pinterest how I LOVE you so…yup, there is a but a big huge BUT


You’re making me all split personality!  Let me explain I’ve been trying to lose a little extra weight, so I’ve been pinning healthy pins.  I have pinned plenty of new workouts {and yes I’ve tried ’em} I’ve also pinned healthy meals.

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Nevertheless I’ve been pinning and liking all sorts of yummy food-porn on Pinterest.  I mean gah! Have you seen the amazing food on Pinterest?  I swear I’ve gained at least 20lbs in a sitting just staring at yummy food creations on my computer screen!

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I know I confuse my Pinterest buddies when they see 5 fitness pins in a row from me followed by 20 PUMPKIN desserts {yes I just Homer Simpsoned mmm}.  Argh! I cannot help it– I’m suffering from double Pinterest personality!                           I love health & fitness, beauty, tats, stuff for my kiddos, and FOOD!

So, yes I’m a sucker for Pinterest and as much as I keep trying to lose weight I guess the lil’ devil on my shoulder is still going to make those Pumpkin Brownies I pinned. Everything in moderation…. right?

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Am I the only one who suffers from this? Are you trying to find more healthy options on Pinterest, but all the beautifully photographed pictures of homemade cinnamon rolls with apples perfectly drizzled with Amish caramel winning the battle?

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