Saturday, September 30, 2023
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    Pregnant in Bikini… Yay! or Nay?

    Things are warming up; and for those with a baby bump it’s even warmer!  Memorial day was a prelude to what is in store for the coming summer– many took to their bikinis even pregnant super star Tori Spelling.  Tori has never been afraid to bear her baby bump donning bikinis during her other pregnancies, as well as documenting her pregnancies on her popular reality show “Home Sweet Hollywood“.  This Memorial Day weekend Tori’s monokini was an eye catcher…

    Many mamas question whether the bump is to be displayed during pregnancy and I say… WHY NOT?  To me the pregnant body is beautiful and natural isn’t it?  Yes, there is weight gain but it’s natural weight gain especially if your doing things healthily.    Personally I’m not sure if I could rock Tori’s look… pregnant or not.  I’m more of a tankini gal since the kiddos…

    {Of course I look like this in my tankini!}

    What are your thoughts are bikinis appropriate during pregnancy?  Are you loving or hating Tori’s look?

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