Product Review: AnimaLamp by MOBI

I am so excited to share this product with you!  If you have a child who refuses to read, or fights with you to read, like I do, then try to make it a little fun for them.  My daughter loves to read in bed, however, at night time, you don’t want your child’s room brightly lit or they may never settle down.  We have tried turning on closet lights but that still wasn’t good enough.  I let my daughter “borrow” my book light and she loved it!  In fact, I couldn’t get it back from her.  Then as if my prayers were answered, in comes MOBI TykeLights.  These adorable night lights for children are amazing!  I mean, look at that cute monkey, how could you not love him?  They come in three different characters, monkey, bunny and giraffe.  They’re safe for kids, which I love!

I was able to sneak a snapshot of Gianna reading…she was actually very content which made me pleased.

The one thing that Gianna likes is that it you can make the light dim or brighter just by sliding your finger over the touch button and it doesn’t get hot.   With 12 bright white LED lights, tilting lamp head, rechargeable battery (that holds it charge up to 10 hours…yes, I said 10 hours!)  and touch button technology, it has everything your little reader will need for reading in bed, taking on camping trips, making home made tents under the kitchen table with a bunch of blankets, and they make the best night lights!  They will take this AnimaLamp everywhere they go because it’s that portable!  These little guys retail for $24.95 and can be found at

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